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Jo is always happy to look at restoration projects and will undertake them if at all possible.


Drawing freehand using Sakura gelly roll white

Freely drawn with Sakura white gel on Black Pad paper

Devon 3 hares roundel

Pen drawing on grey mount board of Devon's three hares and asociated wildlife.
Not for sale - in private collection 

Floral drawing using white and black fine pens on buff board (back of sketch pad) to create an 'other worldly' experience. 

Black and white, comfort zone, with experimental false perspectives combine letter forms with drawing.

Celtic knot coloured

Celtic knots and intricate 'tangles' are a current source of joy.

Jo has enjoyed collaborating with engravers and ceramicists, designing monograms, company logos and, before the days of satnav, personal location maps which married her illustration with lettering.

Parish magazine cover painting with lettering

Cover design incorporating three sites in pen & water colour with colour lettering in gouache.

Illustration of church

Jo draws landscapes, buildings, objects and people.

Her style of drawing is well suited to reproduction and has been used on fundraising merchandise for historic anniversaries and events.

Mostly working  in pen and ink, this is ideal for reproduction in
any colour, Jo also uses watercolours.

Illustration on mug

Tree creeper drawn with Rapidograph pen on acetate film for reproduction

pen drawing of Tree Creeper

Stable block Godolphin House 

Commissioned watercolour - 4 views of house,

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